When planning a hiking trip, there are some very essential items you need to take along with you. Remember that you there are no shops and grocery stores on a hiking trail. Thus, you need to make provisions for these essential items you will need for your hike. The item you need to pack will depend on the length of your trip. If you are going for a longer hiking trip, you will need to pack more items. Also, a couple of hours before you leave; you need to make a last minute check to ensure that you do not forget an essential item. These are some of the essential items you need for your hike.

Appropriate Footwear

If you are going for a short hike that does not involve you carrying a heavy pack, you can wear good trail shoes. If on the other hand, you are going for a longer hike, which requires you to carry heavy loads or technical terrain, then a pair of hiking boots is what you need.

GPS, A Map and a Compass

You need a GPS to know where you are and how far you still have to go. It also helps you to find water, campsites, and an emergency escape route in the case of emergency or accident. A compass and a map, on the other hand, are also essential. They come in handy as a backup to a GPS.

A map and compass illuminate the way out of the wilderness.

Extra Way and Purification Items

Hydration is one common health issues you may have to deal with while hiking. When you don’t have enough water, your body organs and muscles will not perform as required. Also, drinking very little water will make you thirsty and expose you to altitude sickness or hypothermia. That is why you need to pack extra water supply and items to purify water in case you run out of supply.

Extra Food

Packing extra food is also very essential. If you are going for a short hike, you may need to pack just snacks. You will need a lot more than that if you are going for a longer hike. Your food supply should contain carbs, proteins and lots of fruits and vegetables. The extra food is needed to provide your body with the needed energy.

Extra Clothing a Clothing and Rain Gear

Most times, the weather can be unpredictable even after predictions from a weather focus. Thus, you need to be ready for anything. You have to pack an extra layer of clothes just in case. When choosing clothes, remember to avoid cotton clothes. Rather go for wool materials. So, you may need to pack a raincoat or any other rain gear.

First Aid Tool

There are packed first aid kits for hikers. You need to include this kit in your pack just in case. Also, you need to take a first aid class with the Red Cross society or register for a Wilderness First Aid course. This can come in super handy and is very important.