Going on a run during the night in a quiet area is an experience you may think is peaceful and beautiful. But if you get into an unfamiliar situation or hear strange sounds, you might become intimidated and anxious. Going on a run during the day won’t be as challenging and intimidating as going during the night. But it’s worth the beauty and peace you’ll experience. So here are some tips for how to have fun during a run at night.

What to Remember When You’re Trail Running At Night

You should know the route you’ll be going through on the trail. When you’re in the dark, losing your way is relatively easy, even if you’ve gone on that trail many times during the day. You have to stay aware of where you are and be alert of any paths you’re on at any given moment. Look out for turns or markers. If you’re in an unknown area, you will have to keep a GPS or a map and compass with you.

Don’t go too fast and slow yourself down. The terrain is more difficult to traverse when in the dark, even when you’re on a trail you know by heart. It will be a challenge to jump over the roots and rocks you usually go over in the day when there’s minimal light. You shouldn’t expect to go at the same speed you would go to when it’s daytime. Watch where you’re going, and you won’t run into any issues.

Make yourself easily visible if you go through a road when on your run, you must ensure that you can be seen by the traffic that’ll be passing by you. Wear reflectors as well as bright clothing. Put some reflectors onto your arms and legs, which will help you stand out from objects that aren’t moving like a road sign. Try using a blinking light that clips onto your clothes. Although, if you’re not going to be on the road at all, the only use reflectors will have for you is that it can help you track your running partners.

Prepare yourself to experience wildlife. During the night, most wildlife will be hiding away. But the ones that don’t hide will most likely be scared of the sound of your running. Be careful, though, since there are animals that will be curious about you. So be careful and keep a lookout around you while looking for animals that might be stalking you. Do some research beforehand about the animals you’re likely to run into in the area you’ll be running through so that if you do encounter them, you can react accordingly.

You shouldn’t go alone if you’re going out on the run at night, so you should bring a friend. It will be tough on your mind since when you’re alone out on the trail, you might think that every slight sound you hear is a threat to your life. When the sun is down, and the moon is out, you might think that a shadow you see or a twig that snaps is something out to eat you. Don’t go out on the trail alone until you’re comfortable with being alone, so until then, you should be bringing a friend along with you. If you have someone to talk to while you’re out on the trails at night alone, then you’ll be able to occupy your mind so that it won’t think of unnecessary things.