Wales is one of the most beautiful regions in Europe featuring amazing landscapes and UNESCO World Heritage sites. The cities of Wales have amazing architecture and design and they are definitely worth exploring. Some of the best ways to explore the cities of Wales is by foot. We have selected some of the best areas that are best to be explored by foot in order to make you visit even more enjoyable. Bring a pair of comfortable shoes and slowly explore the marvels of this area. Walking through the cities is considered by many the art of loosing yourself without actually getting lost. Walking brings a lot of advantages when it comes to cultural experience. You can see the local architecture and culture better, you can experience local traditions and you can uncover wonderful locations.


Conwy Prince Llewelyn the Great North Wales

Beddgelert is one of the most famous walking tours in Wales. You can experience the genuine small town culture while learning the tragic tale of Prince Llyewelyn and his faithful hound, Gelert. The walk will take you to ancient sites while admiring pure welsh landscapes.


Swansea offers a lot of pedestrian area and it is perfect for family walks. There are many routes that connect the city with nearby locations. The average length is 8 miles and most of them are designed only for pedestrians. You can explore the nearby countryside or you can choose to stroll through the wonderful museums and churches. We recommend the Dylan Thomas birthplace, the Egyptian museum, Swansea museum and the National Waterfront Museum. They are quite close to one another and you can visit them while strolling through the city. Make sure you bring an umbrella because the weather can change very quickly.


Cardiff is another amazing city in Wales. The cultural diversity and the rich history make this city perfect for walks. If you want a genuine meal you can have it at The Clink, a restaurant situated in a local prison. You can then stroll to the local attractions like the National Museum and Art Gallery. Right near the city center is the wonderful Cardiff castle that can only be visited by foot. If you are in search of souvenirs you will find plenty of them in the city centre. If you are a fan of Doctor Who we advise you to visit Cardiff Bay where many fans meet and discuss their favorite TV show. The perfect tour revolves around the city centre where most of the attractions can be easily found.



Llandudno is an amazing town to visit by foot. It displays unique Victorian architecture and the landscape is breathtaking. It is one of the best preserved places in Wales. During the winter you will be able to explore this amazing area that looks like a genuine ice kingdom.


Caernarfon is another amazing place thanks to the imposing castle that can be found near the city centre. It is best to visit by foot in order to observe the local fishing culture and the beautiful fish market while heading to the castle.