Start Easy and find a Good Trail That Meets your Fitness Level

If you are still new to hiking, you need to start with a short but slightly challenging hike in your locality to familiarize yourself with it. You may need to carry out online research to know the best time to go, how much distance you will cover, the elevation gain and reviews from other people about your hike trail. When you start, set a pace for yourself. Do not rush it; it is not a competition. Take your time to enjoy your surroundings, nature and the landscape. It is not every day that you will have the opportunity to see such views.

Check the Weather

Weather general can become very unreliable and sudden at times, which is why it is necessary that you always look out for weather channel a couple days in advance of when you go for your hike. You still have to check for the forecast a few hours before you go. The weather forecast will help you with the appropriate items to pack and the right dress to wear. If there is a forecast for an impending thunderstorm, you may need to reschedule your hike to some other time.

Ensure You File a Trip Report

You need to tell someone the direct location of the trail you plan to hike, when you intend to come home and when they need to call for help. This will save you from a situation where you have an emergency with no help coming. It will only take you a few minutes to do this, but you will surely do your self a lot of good by doing so.

Pack Essential Items You Need

While packing your pack, you need to remember the essential items you need to stay protected outside. There are some basic items like water, food, and sunscreen (for hot weather) are must-haves for your hike. You never know what may happen so it is better to be safe then sorry.

Wear the Right Clothes

You will feel uncomfortable all the way if you wear the incorrect clothing items for your hike. You need to leave your fashion items like jeans and designer boots at home. You should instead go for synthetic and moisture wicking clothing items. Cotton wears are not recommended. You should instead go for clothing items made from wool. Wool provides warmth and can dry up fast in cold weather conditions. Also when choosing hiking shoes, you should go for light hiking shoes, and your socks should be either wool or synthetic socks to prevent blisters. Having sore feet during your hike is no fun at all.

Eat and Drink Well

We cannot stress enough the importance of drinking enough water before, during and after your hike. You need to stay hydrated all through the process. To solve your water needs, you need to carry at least 32 ounces of water in your pack. Also, try to avoid alcohol and caffeine. Besides water, you need to pack good snacks to give you the energy you need.