Trail running is becoming a more and more popular sport, it has grown exponentially over the last few years and there are more and more people participating in trial events such as races all around the world. A lot of people that are doing trail races and runs are those who were running on the road and then decided to step it up and attempt to run on the trails instead and take their workouts to a new level. With this increase in people choosing to run trails instead of road runs or running at the gym, there has been an increase in the equipment that is available for those choosing to run on the trails instead. Trail shoes are important when your running trails instead of running at the gym. While you know you need them you may not know which ones exactly you need. We want to help you simplify the buying process and help you find what you need to start your new challenge of trail running. There are many great trail shoes that will help you be a better runner and also keep you save and comfortless on the trails. Here are a few of the best trail running shoes that are available to buy right now.

Nike Wildhorse 4

Nike Wildhorse 4: this is one of the best trail shoes on the market right now. It is an all-around best, it is a slightly heavier shoe at 10.3 ounces and has great traction and mid foot fit. It does have space in the front with great room if you like to be able to wiggle your toes as well. It is a very durable shoe, and many report that it will last miles on the trails and not wear down quickly, so it will give you overall comfort, stability and durability on the trail. It is a great overall trial shoe for those who want to take trail running seriously.

Hoka One One Challenger ATR2: this shoe has been designed to provide lots of cushion and protection for long distant trail runs. The sole of the shoe really cradles the foot and gives you plenty of comfort and protection. They are very stable on the trails as well. It is very lightweight and comes in at only 9.8 ounces. Many runners have claimed the shoe is very comfortable and has a surprising amount of cushioning. It has good traction on the trails as well and provides the runner with a stable base for their run. It has been sad that it is a great fit for a narrow-footed runner, as many with wider feet may find that it will be too tight and perhaps cause even some blisters.

Of course, there are so many other trail shoes that are out there, and they are all great in their own way, these are just a few of the best ones and will make sure you have a great run will out running on the great trails.