The Celtic Trail

If you are a cycling enthusiast, then Wales should be the perfect spot for you. You will find great paths, beautiful landscape, hills, mountains and many historical sites and everything can be reached by bike. Whether you are young or old, physically fit or just want some to have some exercise, Wales has something for you and here are some great suggestions to help you to plan your next trip here in Wales.

Bwlch y Groes

Wales is covered by mountains and the highest peak is Mount Snowdon. If you want to reach this place, you should be physically fit and better have a special mountain bike. However, there is an alternative path that you can enjoy with a normal bike as well. Bwlch y Groes is the most famous path to the highest peak in Wales. You should know that it won’t be an easy way, so it is highly recommended for physically strong and experienced bike enthusiasts. But if you are ready to work hard then it is really worth it for the incredible views from the top. Start your journey from the Afon Dyfi Valley by the A470 and then the go the way up.

Lon Las Cymru

This bike ride is for the experienced cyclists only, and the two hundred- and fifty-miles long path of the Lon Las Cymru will test your skills very well. The trail runs the entire length of Wales from Hollyhead in the North to Chepstow in the South. According to the National Cycle Network of the UK, this is the most difficult cycling trail of the whole country. This incredible path will take you through two national parks, more than three mountain ranges and a host of other exciting natural wonders. It is going through some quiet country lanes, and traffic-free zones so the ride is perfectly safe. It is possible to divide the path into smaller manageable sections and your trip will last about a week then.

The Celtic Trail

Another epic cycle trail is the Celtic Trail. This path is going through Wales at its widest point. It is two hundred and twenty miles shorter than Lon Las Cymru and starts at the smallest, but possibly the most beautiful town of the United Kingdom called St David’s. You will you leave the stunning coastline of Pembrokeshire with its beautiful beaches and will ride through the spectacular Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, the village of Haverfordwest and another beautiful national park of Llanelli. The views of Swansea Bay will take your breath away before you set out into the green and varied countryside of South Wales. There are two main routes of the National Routes of 4 and 47 you can choose.

Most of the trails can be overdone by a regular bike as long as you are fully prepared for the long distances. So, try to challenge yourself and enjoy Wales at the fullest.