The beautiful Mawddach trail runs all the way from Dolgellau to Barmouth in the country of Wales. It is a spectacular trail and overs beautiful views of the scenery. Many like to hike through this area and enjoy the trials for this activity, it is however, also a great place to go for a bike ride. The total distance of the trial is 9 miles, for 14.5 km and is classified as a relatively easy trail. You can start the trail at the car park on Smithfield Street Bridge and the finish the trail near the Barmouth railway station. This circuit will take you about 1 hour on a bike. This is considered one the best short rides in Wales as it is not only easy, but it also offers great views of the old railway line and the historic town of Dolgellau. It is also going along the foothills of the Cadair Idris and the Mawddach estuary. It ends at Barmouth which is a gorgeous seaside town that is worth seeing and exploring.

The trail consists of dust paths and a wooden railway bridge and a tarmac road once you make it to Barmouth. The gradient is easy throughout the entire trial. You can easily get to the park via car or if you want to take public transport you can get to the nearest station which is Barmouth, the line that takes you there is very gorgeous as well as it goes along a very scenic route. There are also buses that goes there regularly. There are so many amazing views to see both on the way to the trail and of course on the trail itself. There is a four-acre golf course on Barmouth as well as sandy beaches and many sights to take in along the way. The estuary is also worth taking a look at as you pass by. It is advised that you take a picnic along with you as you will see that they are many great spots to have a picnic along the way. There is also a cute restaurant near the water in Barmouth as well as many great pubs and fish and chips shops that you can stop at for a bite to eat and drink to enjoy. Weather you decide to bring along your own food or to stop at a place along the way you’ll be glad to have something to eat as you are making your way along the trail.

There are so many great trails all throughout Wales and they all offer great views of the scenery and will give you a great workout while you are going along the way. Be sure you have enough water and snacks to make it through the journey and also be sure that you have proper clothing and tire based on the weather forecast for the day that you will be going on the bike ride. Weather you walk the trial or use a bike you will be glad that you took a moment to explore this trial.